My experience of the iPhone 4 “Death Grip”

iPhone4baseJust wanted to weigh in on this. There are lots of posts about the “grip of death” however in my experience its totally dependent on where you are?

At work my phone has full signal over GPRS (out in the sticks so no 3G). No matter how I grip or hold the phone I can’t get the bars to drop, not even by one bar.

At home my signal is a very weak and I can get it to drop off by applying “the grip”.

I have tried in varying locations and with varying signal strengths. Sometimes the phone will lose bars and others it wont.

Maybe I am just lucky in the South East of England but for the majority of the time the phone works great – unless I am in a poor signal area.

I’m not down playing or denying the issue – just speculating that it could be more to do with the area you live in and how many bars the phone says you have compared to how many it actually gets rather than a fault with the actual antenna.

I’ll post again after the forthcoming update but for now I’ll just say I am more than happy with my iPhone 4 – o2 just needs to improve their network coverage! Buy with confidence!

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